Not only did Jessica achieve great results with our son, but also with teaching us as parents how to employ the techniques as well. Her guidance and coaching for us have been instrumental in allowing us the techniques to continue teaching our son outside of school. Jessica made learning for our son engaging and enjoyable while commanding attention from our son, making learning enjoyable for him and providing focused and individualized instruction and maximizing listening and spoken language. We feel that what Jessica has done for our son has changed his life.

W.S.(parent of client)

A large part of our son’s success with listening and speaking can be attributed to those early days of working with Jessica and building our knowledge of communication techniques and theory. From the auditory sandwich, to learning how to adapt our home and everyday activities to improve the auditory environment Jessica provided us with crucial information in a concise and personable manner. It is one thing to have knowledge, it is another to be able to give that knowledge in a way that people can use effectively and Jessica did that through her multiple visits to our home and one on one sessions in school. To this day, professionals remark on how well our son behaves and processes information when they interact with them. Ultimately it was through Jessica laying a strong foundation that brought him to where he is today.

R.W. & R.W.(parents of client)

As my supervisor Jessica reviewed assessment results, reports, recommendations, and provided feedback as needed. She observed my sessions and would identify possible areas of improvement or commended good things observed. She was an incredible mentor and someone I could confide in and learn from. She had a wealth of knowledge in working with children with hearing loss, and a significant amount of experience in language development and impairments. In her position, she worked closely with families during therapy and often allowed me (with parent permission) to observe. She developed a strong rapport with both children and parents. I feel incredibly blessed to have found someone as kind, caring, knowledgeable, and supportive as Jessica Baer.

N.S.(Past RPE SLP, now CCC SLP)

My son A received his 2nd cochlear implant when he was 16 and in high school. The implant center audiologist recommended Auditory Verbal therapy to help him get used to the new implant. We requested an IEP to get those services and that is how we met Jessica. She was wonderful and A really enjoyed working with her. I couldn’t have been happier with the school’s choice. A’s speech perception and speech improved. He was happy with the progress he made with the speech perception tasks she used to help him with some speech sounds. I definitely recommend Jessica as your Speech language/ auditory verbal therapist. We are thankful that Jessica has always been there for us.

A. E.(mother of client)

I am so thankful for Jessica and her role as my mentor. I am so blessed to work with such a kind, encouraging professional with wisdom and experience. As I approached my LSLS examination I felt very prepared. More than that I feel like the Jessica’s mentorship program model not only strengthened my knowledge in the field, but allowed me to foster lifelong friendships and partnerships with fellow professionals serving the DHH community.

S. H. LSLS mentee(now LSLS Cert. AV- Ed)

We have seen many AVTs, AV-Eds and Speech Language Pathologists over the last decade plus for our son who has bilateral cochlear implants- Jessica is simply put, a cut above. Her skills are on point and always up to date, and her dedication is unmatched. But it is her compassion and empathy that really make her something special, and that is exactly what she is- SPECIAL! My wife and I feel so lucky for our time spent with her guiding and coaching us during our son’s preschool years.

D. S.(father of client)